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They say "You're only as good as your worst review"

Luckily for us; we don't have one of those.


"I've never met anybody in Public Relations as knowledgeable or approachable as Anthony. I've always been hesitant about hiring a PR Specialist; but working with him has actually paid off dividends."

Michael Christian, CEO Smeltzer Global

"Anthony knows how to create relationships with clients like few others in our field."

Tony Kono, account executive, JCPR. 


"Easy to talk with and a good guy to be around. Anthony knows the right nuance and how to connect with customers and clients emotionally and thoughtfully." 

-Dan Rootenberg, CEO at SPEAR Physical Therapy

"As a journalist and writer, Anthony has connected me with many good sources over the years. Making my job easier and my stories solid." 

-Larry Carrel, reporter. Formerly at Wall Street Journal and Forbes.

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