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With public relations, anonymity is part of the premium associated with our retention. Client names, affiliations, contact information and compensation are confidential.

We pride ourselves on being tactfully transparent and can provide direct recommendations upon request.

Notable Projects

There is no "I" in Team

A team of executives and managers in Texas heard about our outstanding work and flew our team out to their Austin headquarters for a full day of media training. We had an additional day of creating a company message that everyone would agree upon. The 20-year-old company was run by three founders, who each had a bit of a different company story they'd tell people about the company. 


In less than two days, the executives and managers had a company message they were thrilled with, a focused company purpose. All were media trained and ready to go on TV, radio, podcasts or journalist interviews the next day and a renewed spirit about themselves and their company. 


A few of the managers still enjoy visiting Manhattan to meet with reporters a few times a year to renew their relationships and create new ones with journalists. 

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where the wild things are

"You'll take it from here..."

We helped a mutual fund manager become a TV star, appearing regularly on business news channels discussing his fund's top stock picks. On his first TV appearance, he was in front of the camera for 30 seconds. He said his "life flashed before his eyes" just before going live on camera in Rockefeller Center in Manhattan, NY. He was nervous and reserved to start. Less than 3 months later he appeared on TV regularly, fully confident and even joking with the hosts.


We focused on crafting his investing strategy message into a conversational tone that made it easy for him to convey to TV hosts and reporters alike. He was happy to have lunch or office meetings with veteran journalists and fielded their questions like the pro that he is. He became recognized for his polished manner and easy-to-understand approach to investing.

Public relations for Nasdaq

Not in Kansas anymore

A mutual fund manager who we worked with had an excellent track record and an intelligent strategy that was working for years. She was eager for media training. Our team taught her how to summarize her intelligent and unique investing approach to a message she could deliver in 30 seconds or less.


She was empowered by our media message training and elected to do monthly coaching, where we gave her feedback on each of her media appearances. Helping her improve each week, within months, she was scooped up by a larger financial firm and continues to prosper.

Nasdaq Public Relations
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