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anthony massucci


I'm Anthony

I help teams, individuals and companies connect with the proper outlets for the highest return on their most prized stories.

When it comes to public relations, find someone relatable

Attentive listening, present posture and relevant solutions are key when curating the best connections for my clients. Our unique process includes a holistic approach to the ever-changing world of Media which helped thousands reach their target market.

michael christian

"I've never met anybody in public relations as knowledgeable or approachable as HiAnthony! and his team. I've always been hesitant about hiring a public relations Specialist; but working with him has actually paid off dividends."

Michael Christian, CEO Smeltzer Global

Anthony knows how to create relationships with clients like few others in our field

Tony Kono, account executive, JCPR. 

tony kono

See what I, Anthony can do for you

There's no commitment or fee to have a discovery call! Schedule a consultation today, to learn how my team can get your brand or project in front of the right people.

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